4th of July Water Marble~!!!

Yes its been a while, but here I am with 4th of July inspired water marble!! :D It's a little early but I was thinking of maybe doing some other designs for the 4th as well. And I would have like to have taken more pictures but I cracked a nail playing with my dog LOL! So I am thinking of cutting my nails down soon. This is my forth crack/break between both hands, and I am getting slightly annoyed LOL!! Also I want to mention that Shellac does not give longer nails the added support it does with shorter nails. So I will be trying Gelish out soon to see if it gives longer nails that little bit of extra toughness. :D  And a quick shout out to Minni, just cause that girl is so damn awesome at 3D Nail Art! I love all kinds of nail art and I want to do them all,  and sometimes I get so distracted I forget my own nails!! >_<  So forgive me please for taking longer than usual to post!!! =x
Now on to the pictures~!!!

A little side note I can't believe I only own 3!!! red polishes how can that be I have no idea LOL!! And 2 of them are essie Ruby Slippers and FC (femme couture) Ruby Slippers from Sallys. LOL and yes they look almost identical, except the FC one is easier to water marble with hehe. 

SO polishes used:
FC (femme couture) -  Ruby Slippers
Sally Hansen - Blue It
Sally Hansen - Lavender Cloud
Top Coat - Seche Ultra - V
(UV activated top coat)
which smeared my water marble ARG!!!!!!!
Yes I know Lavendar Cloud is not a true white but to be honest I was to lazy to take my butt to the store for a different one >_<

Please let me know what you think, would love your thoughts!!! :D

11 Thanks for all your comments - you make my day! :):

Minnie said...

They look so gorgeous!! Your water marbling effect is so nice:D These three colour combo is my favourite;D And thank you very much for mentioning about me;p I'm sure you'll enjoy doing acrylic art very soon!!

Unknown said...

awesome marble! Happy 4th of July!!

Guy Polish (Jim) said...

Awesome 4th of July inspired design!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog :) Here are some awards :) XOXO


Sandra said...

I'm speechless. It looks amazing!!!

Amber @ My Nail Graffiti said...

This is so pretty! I wish I was better at marbeling.

Chrissy *NailUtopia* said...

WOW thank you all for your wonderful comments~!!

Minni you deserve it, your an amazing 3d artist and I would love to be able to make some of the designs you have!! Send me your email so I can torture you with more questions muahahahah >=)

Manicured Monkey awww thank you so much Happy 4th to you to!!!

Jim Thanks I a glad you like it!! Can I have your long toes please hehe

WOW KittyVixen85 I am beyond speechless here~!!!! *Super Hugs* :D

Sandra I am glad you like I will post my screw ups later so you can see it takes practice hehe

Amber practice practice practice I still practice on fake nails before I try on mine hehe
Also Colette at my simple little pleasures has great tutorials do a search on YouTube or my YouTube video bar ;)

-Diana- said...

I love it <3

NeeLai said...

i love the color combination hehe! and i also love the theme of your blog, its sooooo girly! hehe by the way im your new follower, you can visit mine too :) http://neelai14.blogspot.com/

Fragancia said...

I love the colors!! :) great blog im your new follower hope you'll follow back :)

Sparklysharpfabulous said...

Hey there! Just wanted to let you know I featured this nail
art design on my Top Patriotic Ideas & Inspiration list on my blog “Sparkly
Sharp and Fabulous” with my followers! I hope you check it out! I am putting
together a Summer Nail Art Idea’s list as well, so if you create any designs
you would like featured on that post, or more on this Patriotic list, make sure
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