A Lovely Award from a Lovely Blogger! :)

I received the award from Anna @ GoingtotheShow
Thank you Anna~!!

1. Link back to the person who awarded you.
2. Answer the following questions.
3. Award other bloggers and let them know.
The questions:
1. What's your favorite song? I have a few favorites Daft Punk Interstella 5555 soundtrack, Audio Slave - Like a Stone, Authority Zero - One More Minute and Red Hot Chili Pepers - Dani California
2. What's your favorite dessert? Pumpkin Pie
3. What's your favorite pet? My cat Vudu
4. Black or white? Black
5. What's your biggest fear? Creepy Crawlies
6. What's your best feature? My eyes
7. What's my everyday attitude? Take it or leave it, cause I'm not changing. :P
8. What is perfection? Perfection is an illusion.
9. What is your guilty pleasure? Dark Chocolate yummmmmmmmmmmm

Here is my list of bloggers that I give this award to, sorry it took so long. :/

There was an error on the posting, I started this post earlier last month and forgot to change the post date! >_<


3 Thanks for all your comments - you make my day! :):

Chromacraze said...

Congratulation! and thank you so much for passing this award to me!  I love your blog!

LydiaThompson said...

aw thank you so much for the award! :) hugs

MariJo Nails said...

Thanks so much for the tag!!

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