A brief update.

I'm so sorry I haven't posted recently, but this heatwave is unbearable. I have zero creativity right now  and I cut all my nails off. They kept breaking and I was tired of repairing. :( So I will try to take a picture of my current nails, nothing exciting though. I Purchased Harmony's Gelish to try out, so far I like it. But the color I picked is not a good base color although it is pretty!! It is thicker than Shellac gel polish but I read that its better for longer nails. Shellac did not give me the added strength when my nails grew, and thats why I decided to try the Gelish. I read the heatwave should be coming to an end soon, I can't wait!!! Thank you for all your comments and a shout out to all my new followers! *hugs* :D

KittyVixen85 Shares Awards With Me~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes thats right KittyVixen85 has awarded Nail Utopia four thats right 4 awards YAY!!
So if you don't know who KittyVixin85 is well make sure to check out her blog!
Thank you Kitty~!!

Whew so many awards!!!
On to the rules.... rules rules rules :P

1. Thank the person that gave you the awards, and link back to them. (did that :P)
2. Post seven things about yourself. (ugh really?)
3. Pass the love to 15 bloggers. (well ofc thats easy!)
4. Let them know they've received the awards!(okie dokie)

1. I am a HUGE Anime fan, Bleach being my favorite!!!
2.  I'm also a gamer (wow, rift, eq2, and so on) =x
3. I started a garden this year and have 7 tomato plants but no tomatoes yet! :(
4.I love foreign movies.
5. I love Hello Kitty :D
6. I love to read.
7. Can read a book in one day. =x

Now the FUN PART!!!
The 15 Bloggers I want to pass this onto:

1. Kayley's Nail Art
2. Groupie Glam
3. Naomi's Nail Art
4. yasmin @ohwhatfun
5. Men and Nail Polish (he has such cute toes!)
6. Blingernails
7. La Bella Vita
8. Liquid Jelly
9. Lindchensworld
10. Lenae Nails
11.nails by kate vergara

Please take a look at these lovely bloggers!! They deserve it!! Thank you again Kitty. :)
*Super Duper HUGS to all bloggies and followers*