Foil crackle kinda thing

I was on My Nail Graffiti Blog last week and read how Amber did a Foil crackle tutorial, and I thought it was brilliant!! So I put on my Mad Hatter's Hat and got to work (evil undead cackle) !!!  After playing with Sally Hansen Overcoat Crackles I was so done with them. The only one I kept was Fractured Foil, the other ones I did not like at all (Antiqued Gold, Distressed Denim, Vintage Violet). I tested and tested and retested and thought they were crappy. Fractured Foil was the only one that either did not get clumpy or lumpy, or didn't look like crap or crackled consistently. Enough about those back to Amber's Foil crackle!! Though it did take time to get it right, I was persistent. My left hand looked great before the clear hit it.... and I should have keep reading down the page about fast dry top coats. NO Fast Dry Top Coats with Holographic Foils it will burn the finish off!!! What I did find out that UV gel Top Coat will not burn the foil yay~!!!! Also Amber mentions some regular top coats might work that are not quick dry, you can check out her blog here.
So now my right hand gets the spot light hehehe :D

To get this look I used Sinful - Hotspot
Silver Dots Foil

On my left hand I put on some China Glaze Techno to give it some sparkle but the pictures are meh. So I will keep trying for better pictures. :)

Sally Hansen Crackle

Last night I picked up Sally Hansen Crackle in Antiqued Gold to give it a try. I only have one other crackle and its China Glaze Fault Line so I wanted to compare the two. Well First off I don't know if the glitters are a different texture since I don't have the OPI Silver Shatter. I can say the brush with the Sally Hansen is small and the glitter kinda clumpy sometimes. Trying to figure out the amount to brush on evenly was a challenge. So I guess I need OPI Silver Shatter to compare better  or go get a Sally Hansen non glitter to compare with my China Glaze LOL.

with camera flash

Edit: I forgot to mention the polishes underneath the crackle sorry :(

Left: I sponged Sinful - Hotspot, Forget Now, Rise and Shine, Out of This World
(yes I went on a Sinful spurge) ;x
Middle : Sally Hansen - Twisted Pink
Right: wet n wild - Blue Moon

Would love your comments on Crackles since I do not have much experience with them. :D

Reshaped nails and Iron Butterflies!

Hello all, well I was not happy with how some of my nails were curling in so I decided to reshape them. And some funky nail art for them. :D I couldn't decide what to name the art so I named it after the polish I used hehe it kinda fit so I went with it!

with camera flash

Still working on getting more pictures, I am so picky LOL!!

Polishes used:
Base: Orly - Iron butterfly
Stamping with China Glaze - Millennium
Butterflies with a mix of China Glaze - Millennium & LOL
Top Coat: Poshe
Final touch: China Glaze - Matte Magic

Image Plates used: mash m44 & m21 (I don't know if these are  exact Konad dupes but I think so) ;)

Would love to know what you think about the new nail shape and nail art :D

Blue and Gold Water Marble

Call me crazy but I attempted to water marble essie - smooth sailing. Which I can honestly say I wont do again unless I am completely bored and feel like a challenge hehe. So without further delay here are some pictures. And yes I cut my nails down, so I could do some gardening without breaking them all LOL!

These are from outside to get the shiny glitter of course, must show glitter!!! I think they came out alright, used a lot of the essie polish to get both hands done. So what do you think?

Polishes used: essie smooth sailing & Milani - Gold Lame

I am thinking about a light box, I have read some blogs that use them, but I know nothing about them. I also found links to making them yourself, so my fellow bloggies I need your help and info on them. Is it better to buy or do the DIY ones work just as well? And do you take the pictures from the front or have a cut out on top and take the pictures from the top? Would love all input on this!! 

Thanks so much and Happy Polishing :D

A Wonderful Surprise!!!!

I woke up and found a nice surprise I was given an AWARD!!!!  I was given the Liebster Award!!!

From Minnie thats so sweet of her, Thank You Minnie HUGE HUGS!!!!

The Liebster Award is designed to be awarded to blogs 
with less than 300 subscribers to spread the blog love 
and get them out to a wider audience.

 The Rules are:
1. Post displaying the award, 
linking back to the person who awarded you.
2. Pick 3 blogs and let them know they're awarded.
  I picked these 3 awesome bloggers!!

Queen of Friggen Crap


Hope all the Mommies out there had a Great Mothers Day! :D

My Lil Budding Nail Artist!

My little Diva who is 5 years old wanted to design nails like mommy how could I resist! These are the ones shes finished so far. I painted the background on the first one I was planning on using it to practice some designs, but she swiped it for her own design LOL. Lets see if you can figure out what the second nail is! hehe

Its rain following on a tree!
Hope you enjoy these as much as I do.


Even though its been raining here every day I keep thinking spring designs LOL!! And I don't know if I would wear this color again it kinda worked for this design. But I was wanting to pull out my hair when I put the Top-Coat on and it smeared!!!!!!!!! I've used Seche Vite in the past I remember that smeared to so I used a different one this time Out The Door top-coat but it smeared to!!! :(  So here are my butterflies hope you like. I didn't take many pictures cause I wasn't happy about the smears.

The base polish color is Essie - Sand Tropez

for stamping I used a mixture of colors.
For the flowers I used China Glaze - Solar Power , Konad Special Polish - Pink and Princess Special Polish - Princess Pop Green. I blended them on the image plate and scrapped then stamped. 

For the Butterflies I used China Glaze - Hyper Haute, High Def, LOL also Konad Princess Special Polish - Princess Light Grey & Princess Pop Green. 

Image plates used: mash m20, m78, m21
Plate B16 (I don't remember how I got sorry)

Sorry bout my awful looking dry hands and cuticle. =x

If you would like I can post pictures of the image plates used just ask. :)

I did take photos of when I put on Hard Candy matte-ly in love I will post them soon. If you would like to see me do or try to do hehe a certain design  let me know!!! :D