Nothing going right ....

Rant post.......... Ever have one of those days or few days where nothing is working right LOL. Or so undecided cant make up my mind. I was debating another water marble or to do some konad stamping, since I haven't done much since Valentines mani  and I got the mash set I finally decided to do konad stamping.  So then I started out with Wet n Wild -Gray's Anatomy and found out it didn't work well for what I wanted to do, polish change time. So then I decide well lets do a spring color and thought well already did baby blue so thats out. 

So then I begin swatching pinks and oranges and I only have 2 oranges  right now I did take advantage of the Zoya earth day promotion since I figured that would be a good time to add Zoya to my nail polish collection since I don't own any and did pick out an orange but they haven't arrived yet. :( 

Then I swatch the 2 oranges I have and decide on Sally Hansen - Sun Kissed its a bright orange and didn't like the application but used it. So I begin picking images and colors and I was going ok until I realized the ones I finished were upside down and that would be a pain to photograph ugh, and the orange was looking to pumpkin'ish. Polish change again and more swatching..... :( And a rude awakening I really need more polishes hahahahahaha. Like a nice neutral color would be nice, but I don't have any. :( So its time to go shopping hehe and see what I can find. Wish me luck!!!! 

And also I would like to say Welcome, Hello and Thanks for becoming a follower!!!If you have anything you would like to see more of don't hesitate to speak up!!!
*Hugs to you all*

edited to make it easier on the eyes hehe

Hello Kitty Bunny Tutorial up!

My first tutorial is up in the tutorials page!!!!! If you have time please take a look and give me your thoughts. Good bad whatever! I can take it!!! hehehe

I added a Poll on to add Twitter to the blog if you get a moment would you take it. :D
EDIT : Poll removed. :P

Happy Polishing and Designing~!! :D

Easter Nail Art!!!

Happy Easter Everyone!!!
I''m finally done!! LOL I decided to do fancy eggs and just not any fancy eggs Faberge Eggs!!!!
More pictures on the way.

 with camera flash

Taken outside on a gloomy and rainy day.

I re-did the rose it was bugging me hope you like this one better. :D

The Faberge eggs I used to make my designs are Memories of Azov, Lilly of the Valley, Rose Trellis, Coronation. Think I got a little carried away on gems hehe. So what  do you think? Love, like or hate.....

Polishes used: China Glaze - TTL, GR8, L8R G8R
OPI DS - Original, OPI Jade is the new black
Revlon - Blue Lagoon

I took pictures of the paints that I used and some video when I made Hello Kitty Bunny. The eggs I took some video but haven't check it yet to see if any makes sense hehe, since I screwed up many times and started over many times!!!

Sneak Peak Easter Nail Art .... Staring Hello Kitty Bunny!!!!

Just a quick post of my Hello Kitty Bunny till I finish the rest of the nails hehe.

Nail Polish btw I love this color!!
Revlon - 092 Blue Lagoon

Easter Water Marble FUN!

Yes another water marble... why you ask? Cause its fun to do hehehe and I thought it would be cute. And my nails look like Easter eggs :D
Hope you like :)

Only outside pictures for now the ones I took inside came out blurry. :(

Polishes I used:
Sally Hansen- Bubblegum Pink - Blue Me away - Mellow yellow - Blizzard Blue

I am going to try and do a tutorial but I am still sorting the video I took.  Let me know what you think.

Cherry Blossoms with Matte Top Coat

I was out shopping and I found Hard Candy - Matte-ly in love matte topcoat and decided to try it out on my cherry blossoms before I took it off. I also compared it to the China Glaze Matte top coat - Matte Magic and couldn't tell the difference. China Glaze - Matte Magic I have on my pointer finger and ring finger and Hard Candy - Matte-ly in love on thumb, middle finger and pinky.

So matte top coat on nail art like or not?  

As always happy polishing and fun nail designs~! :-)

Water Marble Nail Art Fun!!!!!

I was on Colette's Blog  My Simple Little Pleasures  and she had pictures of her Easter water marble nail art. They are amazing she is the master of water marbling!!! So I decided to finally give it a shot ... and here is what I came up with.  Thinking of doing the blue and green after my Easter design I like the combination of the colors. Would love to see your thoughts on this. :D

 My first attempts trying out which nail polishes worked together and could be used.

 This is my attempt on my nails.

 Cloudy day so pictures are a little dark.

I had Essie - Turquoise & Caicos painted already on my nails with some lighter mint green sponged and did the marble over it, but I think if I had white base it would have come out much brighter. But not bad for a first try I think. :) I am going to try and redo with white base and see how it comes out since I have a cracked nail I need to repair. :(

Colors used for the marble were
Sally Hansen - Bubblegum Pink
Sally Hansen - Mellow Yellow
Sally Hansen - Blizzard Blue
Sally Hansen - Blue Me  Away