#FloamDay Hip Hip Hooray!!

Happy #FloamDay Everyone!!! If you don't know what Floam is yet or why there is #FloamDay no worries I explain it right here for ya! Now when you here Floam you probably think of the stuff kids play with, or as seen on TV commercials. This Floam is nail polish created by an Indie polish maker Nail-Venturous! And Floam day started thanks to Polly Polish she decided to start a Floam movement! hehehehe So she created a sign up page for everyone that wanted to participate, I was undecided because I didn't know if I would have the time to join in. But I said screw it I'll make time, and then I got a bad ass cold thats been kicking my butt even still today. So this post will be a little late compared to everyone else... sorry! :(

Wanted to do something a little different with Floam but my camera didn't like the neon Pink & Floam Combo. >_< Used Sinful Colors - Pink, Floam Seche Vite top coat and then decided to add a matte top coat Hard Candy - matte-ly in love.

Natural sunlight

Low light with flash

So far these are the other lovely ladies that are a part of #FloamDay as well.

Hannah @ Polly Polish

Sabine @ My Polish Stash

Esther @ Fab Fingertips

Rachel @ Claw Nails and Beauty

Charlotte @ Charlottes Nails

Jen @ The Nail Polish Project

A Lacquered Affair

Jenny @ Beauty By Jenny

Jasmine @ Colour Coated

Deborah @ Love Varnish

Melissa @ My Polish Adventure

Stephaniee @ Sincerely Stephaniee

Mara@ Mara In Polishland

More pages will be added in the next couple days so please check back!

Salla @ OMG Polish'em

Sabrina @ Not Without My Polish

Kirsten @ Glitta Gloves

Carolina @ Colores de Carol

Floam is out of stock right now but here is the link to Ninja Polish where you can be notified when its back in stock and purchase other great Indie Polishes to~!! :D

Happy Polishing!

I Won A LadyBug Nail Polish Holder!

I entered Beauty By Krystal's contest and won a LadyBug holder! What is it you ask? It's a polish holder than can lay on it's side, great for those half bottles of polish that makes it easier to get the polish out. :D

Now for some pictures, I am still getting use to my new camera so please forgive any bad pictures.

Bottom of the LadyBug

LadyBug in action

Profile of LadyBug :)

Its a cute design and it hugs regular size bottles nice and snug, all except for my mini bottles. The round circles on the bottom are rubber to help it from sliding, I'm guessing. I recommend using on a flat surface, without anything underneath it. I used it on a towel it swayed back n forth very easily. If I were using a full bottle of polish that wouldn't have bothered me, but I was using a half full bottle so yea I got peeved a little. Wish it had more weight on the bottom sides, I accidentally kept knocking it to the center when I was using it. =/
Otherwise I would say a perfect nail polish accessory! :)

What do you think? Do you have one, or could you see yourself using one?

Don't forget to check out Beauty By Krystal's blog, she has lots of interesting reviews and
beauty information!! :D

A Super Ginormous Thank You!!

I would like to thank everyone that reads and follows my blog, I am so humbled and extremely grateful!!! I feel so honored for the awards I receive, I get to share with you and to pass them along to you my lovelies~!

Lets start off with Absolutely Cee who shared this award with me!

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The Questions:
1. How long have you been blogging? My first post was in Dec 2010
2. What the 1-2 reasons why you started blogging? I wanted to show other lovelies that if I could do nail art they could to!
3. What types of blogs do you like to follow/read? Hmm Nails ,Nail Art, Beauty, Star Wars, tech info you know normal stuff .. :D
4. What is 1 thing you would like to improve on as a blogger/on your blog? To post more often!

I'm going to now skip to the second award or second and third award, the people I nominate are receiving ALL the awards! It's always fun to share~!! :D

Superficially Colorful shared TWO awards with me!!!


The rules:

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The questions are:
1. Favorite song: Hmm that's a problem for me cause I don't have that *one* favorite song, I love so many. So I will list one of my favorites 2 Minutes to Midnight by Iron Maiden
2. Favorite dessert: The Ultimate Chocolate Cake
3. What drives me insane: selfish people
4. When I'm mad: RUN don't walk!
5. Favorite pet: Vudu my kitty & Anubis my pup
6. Black or white: Black
7. Biggest fear: spiders
8. My daily attitude: I'm borrowing this one from JinJit! "live today! You can never know what tomorrow will bring."
9. What's perfect: Spend time with my husband, we don't get much of that. :(
10. Guilty pleasure: more nail polish? YES!

These are the rules:

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Pretty & Polished Black Swan & Bundle Monster Entry

I purchased lots of Indie polishes last month and really haven't even shown half of them yet! But I don't want to lose my focus on my nail art, so I will be showing them slowly and some like today with nail art! =) So today I am showing off Pretty & Polished Black Swan its a beautiful black holo! That's right I said BLACK! :D The first picture is blurry but it shows the holo really nice :D

Inside under full spectrum lamp and possible flash >_<

Up close and outside to show the beautiful holo (shutting up Vader he talks to much!)

Inside no flash

Now some stamping!
I did this for the Bundle Monster contest and submitted it today!!
If you like my design I hope you can take a moment and vote for me here ~!! If you submitted your own design feel free to let me know so I can vote for you to!!!! :D

Inside with flash under full spectrum light

I decided to do something a little different, I did a butterfly stamp nail art last spring. This year I went cosmic!

I love how the holo shows behind the stamping, wish I submitted this picture instead. There are so many beautiful submissions, I am loving all the talent that has been submitted as well.
Lets see if I can be one of the 25 winners :D

Items used:
Zoya Dovima
Pretty & Polished Black Swan
BM plates: BM20,BM21, BM220, BM02, BM14, BM20.
Stamping polishes China Glaze Metallic Muse, China Glaze Millennium & Konad White Pearl.

What do you think?