KBShimmer's Berry Patch

Lately I have been purchasing indie polishes from ETSY so many wonderful ladies making gorgeous nail polishes I am truly addicted I want them all but my wallet tells me no! :( So little by little I will collect as many as I can. :D

Today I have KB Shimmer's Berry Patch that I saw in her ETSY store, and thought it was so cute and would be such a sparkly and shiny Easter polish! The two other polishes I purchased are so sparkly shiny gorgeous but you will just have to check back in for those. ;)

Onto the Christy's description of Berry Patch - One of my daughters favorite treats is fresh berries, and when made into a smoothie, she is in heaven. This polish was inspired by that frozen treat. A creamy pink base sets off large blueberry hex glitter, small raspberry hex glitter, holographic pink glitter and micro strawberry red glitter and raspberry pink glitter. Bits of ice, in the form of holographic sliver glitter complete this yummy treat.

So cute! Now on to some pictures :D

close to window

later in the day near window

under full spectrum light

It truly is an amazing color, my daughter fell in love with it and told me I had to put it on right away, there was no way I could say no. :D

The other two polishes you will see after I do my Easter nail art, or maybe sooner if I have a chance. So stay tuned!

Any thoughts that I've added swatches of polishes I purchased as well as my nail art? Like it or hate it let me know. :)

Nerd Lacquer's Data Squirrel

Hello everyone today I have Data Squirrel by Nerd Lacquer. I can honestly say I love this color, it has just the right amount of sparklies without being overkill! Brings back memories of my IRC (internet relay chat) days of causing mayhem or just hanging out and chatting, IRC will always hold a special place in my heart! :D

I didn't think it needed a base so I used two coats of Data Squirrel and Seche Vite top coat.

Outside on a cloudy day.


Amanda's description of Data Squirrel, from the IRC-ing Sparklies series, is described as: "/msg nickserv identify DATA SQUIRREL tears through the dbase of glitters, picks just the right ones for maximum impact in a shimmering russet red base (turquoise, silver, red, copper, emerald) and hoards them away for the winter. Okay, screw hoarding. Let’s use them all now." OK...for you non-techies...IRC is Internet Relay Chat (think chat rooms, version 1.0).

Gotta love her description, I giggle every time I read it!

So far I have been impressed with the polishes I purchased from Amanda, and I have more on the way! :D

So what do you think of this color? Don't be shy I love comments! :D

St. Patrick's Day Mani

Happy St. Patrick's Day~!!

Quick post on my St. Patrick's Day Mani

Outside in the beautiful sun! :D

Inside under light. :)

Nail polish: Nerd Lacquer's Don't Panic (only used 1 coat)

Amanda from Nerd Lacquer's description of Don't Panic
Don't Panic is part of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Series : a trio of far-out colors perfect for traveling the universe in a stolen starship with your certifiably insane semi-cousin...or, like, for going out or whatever.

Don't Panic is a brilliant clover green base with emerald and grass green small and large hexagonal glitter, plus a sprinkling of holographic sparkle. Friendly, non-threatening, and extremely glittery.

Shamrocks: Bundle Monster Plate BM03
Top Coat: Seche Vite dry fast top coat

A quick and easy festive mani! :)

Hope you like it, leave a comment on what you think. :)

Got a wee bit of Irish in ya do ya... Show off your Green~!!!

Last year I uploaded my nail art at the last minute, bad me I know. :( I am working on getting the nail art done quicker, so that I can get it up sooner so everyone can see it and get ideas ahead of time. This year I am going to be ahead of the game with a St. Patrick Water Marble~!!

How about a green water marble with gold glitter!

This is how it originally looked but it felt like it was missing something.

This was taken with my cell using a photo app befunky.
That Vader is so sneaky just look at him. ;)

I added Nerd Lacquer's No Medal for Chewie polish in the half moons. :D

For the water marble I used these polishes
China Glaze Tree Hugger
China Glaze Solar Power
China Glaze Lighthouse
Sally Hansen Going Green

If your interested in more nail art for St. Patrick's Day here is my previous St. Patrick's Day post .

I talked about Nerd Lacquer's No Medal for Chewie in my last post and her amazing glitter polishes and where to get them, but in case you missed it you can buy Nerd Lacquer Polish when they are not sold out at these links:
Ninja Polish
and her ETSY store.

I will be showing more of her polishes that I purchased in future posts!

That's all for now Happy St. Patrick's Day & Happy Polishing!!
May your pockets be heavy
And your heart be light
may good luck pursue you
each morning and night!

Nerd Lacquer Polish Mail YAAAAAY~!!

A couple of weeks ago I ordered 5 polishes from Amanda's Nerd Lacquers ETSY store. And they finally arrived *does the happy dance*. Her polishes are cleverly named after sci-fi movies and other geeky stuff.

The polish colors are all unique and different which I love, considering I was looking for something different than just re blended colors. Nerd Lacquer polishes are that and more full of glittery goodness. My first order was 5 but it was seriously hard to break it down that low, considering I still want many more, and she has come up new colors as well and sold out already!!!

Her polishes can be purchased at ThinkGeek, Harlow&Co and the newest Ninja Polish which carries those hard to find polishes yay~! But presently are sold out! :( You can sign up to be notified when they are back in stock on their products page which I have done for many of my favorites! :D

Now on to the good part! When they arrived I placed them in a row to decide which one to try first, and my kitty decided for me heheehe.

The winner is No Medal for Chewie and the crowd go's crazy~!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
Which I thought was a good choice since St. Patty's day is around the corner.

And notice that cute little poofy ring, she sent it as a free gift sooooo cool! :D

Here are the swatches for all the polishes.

I LOVE these polishes!!!
I cannot say it more, she did an amazing job on the pigments and glitters.

I have 2 Coats of Zoya - Midori and 1 coat of Nerd Lacquer - No Medal For Chewie with Poshe topcoat.
Inside under a full spectrum lamp to capture the polish true colors.

Darth Vader came to see what was going on when I put No Medal For Chewie on my nails. :D

These were taken outside.

So what do you think? Is this polish amazing or what? I will have more swatches of the other colors soon so stay tuned!

To Funny

I had to post this I thought it was soooo funny that I wanted to share with everyone!! :D

Rolly Polly Nail Polish