NOTD: Indie Polish Candeo Colors Sprouse

Hello all today I have for you another indie polish maker Candeo Colors. I purchased three mini bottles from their Etsy store a while back. Sour Grapes, Mallard and Sprouse. Today I have Sprouse on my nails to show off. This is a rare occasion that I actually have both hands look the same *shocked* and have pictures to prove it HAH! hehe

You may have noticed my nails are A LOT shorter, though I cant really call them nubs they feel like it to me. But I will call them shorties, two of my nails were growing funky so I cut them all down. Whats the point of having long nails if they look bad! >_<

Tada! My right hand! Yes my right hand nails are now longer than my left hand. :(

My first ever macro shot belongs to Sprouse!

This was layered over Milani Dress Maker, and let me say this I was not happy with Dress Maker's application. It was thin and it kept streaking, I was ready to give up on it but decided to give it one more shot. So I put first layer on let it dry completely, over night possibly because I was fed up.... Next day added the second coat and then Sprouse. For top coat I used SV (Seche Vite), I think I might have to get Gelous. One coat of SV and the bar or shred or flitter glitter so many names for one glitter ugh! Anyways I felt a few pop up here and there, and so I would pull them off LOL. So many two layers of topcoat or Gelous and topcoat would be enough.

Sprouse has black and white hex, bar (shred or flitter), and micro glitters, also a shimmery holo base. But there are also blue hex glitters yes thats right blue! Kinda like a holo blue it shifts colors, and this is what makes it stand out between other black and white glitter polishes. I plan to get a full bottle of this one as soon as its back in stock!

I also got my hands on Sticks n' Stones by Cover Band Lacquers but thats for another post to talk about. ;)

Will be doing some stamping for my next post so stay tuned!

So what do you think, did my pictures do Sprouse justice?

Another award! Paint me shocked!

I cannot believe I am receiving another award! This time its from two sweethearts Lacey over at and also Jinjit at

Thank You Ladies~!!
I am truly grateful~!!

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16. Confessions of a Polishaholic

I will be contacting everyone shortly. :D

So here we go 7 random facts about me huh?

1. I hate talking about myself. LOL does this count? >_<
2. Six years ago three months after my daughter was born I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. It took almost a year to get my last flair up under control and was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes from the steroid medicine. Heh go figure!
3. In August it will be 11 years that I've been with My husband YAY!
4. I have a Death Note figurine collection, but I'm missing L and Light Yagami/Kira just the main two guys doh, I will have to order them online but I keep forgetting. =x
5. I won a newbie PVP competition in SWTOR, yay for girl power~!!!
6. Debating on getting my nail tech license, but not sure because of my illness. =/
7. We shaved our Persian kitten the lion cut!
Isn't he cute!

KBShimmer Fire & Ice!!! It's gettin hot in here!!!!

Before Easter I posted pictures of KBShimmer's Berry Patch and told ya to stay tuned. So now I have another KBShimmer polish for you Fire and Ice!!!! And OH MY is it sparkly~!! So I'll skip the chatter and go right to the pics. :D

Here is the polishes I ordered and she sent me 2 cute bar soaps, how cool is that!!!

Swatches of Fire & Ice on different shades of red.

And now on my nails :D

Under full spectrum light

This one is blurry on purpose to show all the mega sparkles!!!!

under regular light with flash

I was in a creative mood and remember seeing drip drops design on Gems in a Bottle's Blog so I added it to one nail! :D

KBShimmer can be found on Etsy and her site

I'm so glad I purchased this color I absolutely love it!!! So what do you think?

Also I would like to say hello to my new followers and thank you for all your comments. I love reading them. Sorry it takes me a bit to reply sometimes, life gets hectic!!!


Happy Polishing :D

Bunny in grass Easter nail art!

I couldn't decide what to do on my nails so I decided to do a Robin Moses nail art for Easter, she is a fabulous nail wizard and a sweetheart! She makes great tutorials for anyone that wants to try and do them as well.

My daughter picked this design for me to do out of four choices, I was leaning more towards the bunny in a coffee cup. Cause you know coffee is a win add a bunny and now its a win win hehehe. But she won out as usual shes as stubborn as I am LOL.

I tried to record how I did my nails, but I failed horribly my camera had moved a somehow and totally missed my hands! TOTAL FAIL!!! :( But the good news is you can check out Robin's tutorials on the right side or click here.

Now on to my nails

Under lamp at desk.

Natural light.

This was done using acrylic paints, I didn't photograph them but if you would like to see the bottles and brands I would be happy to help out. But for now I will list them.

Folk Art 320 Jamaican Sea, 2549 Summer Peach
Light Lavender, Baby Pink
Americana Pistachio Mint
Apple Barrel Black, White and 20523 Kelly Green
Liquitex Basics Cerulean Blue Hue, Primary Yellow
Liquitex High Viscosity Prism Violet

As you can see I used a mixture of paints thats in my stash, I like testing out different types.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask, no question is to small. I know I had tons when I started trying to do it. I'm not a professional nail tech just an artsy woman who became passionate about nail art. I started doing nail art a little over a year now it became my creative outlet, I love art and my nails are my canvas. :)

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The questions:
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2. What's your favorite dessert? Pumpkin Pie
3. What's your favorite pet? My cat Vudu
4. Black or white? Black
5. What's your biggest fear? Creepy Crawlies
6. What's your best feature? My eyes
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9. What is your guilty pleasure? Dark Chocolate yummmmmmmmmmmm

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