Hello Kitty Tutorial

This is my hello kitty tutorial, my first tutorial! I didn't record it because I am still learning how to get lighting and positioning right and zoom and all that. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or email me. :)

First off the paints and brushes used.
Paints seen in picture:
Apple Barrel White, Black and Bright Magenta
Folk Art Baby Pink and Light Lavendar
Brushes I went back in forth on them and I am sure I used more than the 2 shown but they are round brushes size 0 and under. And I'm not a fast painter so I swap my brushes around to give them a break. Sometimes it seem like they get tired of working and decide to make you screw up a lot!! LOL The orange cup is my water cup for rinsing the brushes. Top coat is Out the Door fast drying top coat and its ok I am still experimenting with top coats. :)
I first made a wide rounded face and then added the ears.

Then I added the bunny ears.

I started out with pink and worked on everything that was going to be pink the pink in the bunny ears and the headband then onto the bunny. I worked with white and pink back and forth for placement, then added the egg.
Now I start doing the outlines.
Little bit closer of the outlining. Then I I was so zoned in to the outlining I forgot to take more pictures. :( But you get the idea I did the face last, eyes then nose and whiskers.
Hope this helps on making your own hello kitty!! :D
Final result Hello Kitty Bunny!!!

Btw I forgot to mention when you make mistakes like I do a lot, you can do a couple of things if its wet you can wipe it off, or take some water on a brush and see if you can work it out. Or depending on the spot how far you are into the design alcohol helps as well. But I only use in the beginning part if I screw up and want to start over. Otherwise you can paint over the mistake and fix it. Also if you are new to painting with acrylic check out Robin Moses tutorials on you-tube or you see her blog listed on the left side of my blog cheers!   :D

2 Thanks for all your comments - you make my day! :):

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Very beautiful Hello Kitty! And this sweet sweet bunny! Nice job :)

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