Foil crackle kinda thing

I was on My Nail Graffiti Blog last week and read how Amber did a Foil crackle tutorial, and I thought it was brilliant!! So I put on my Mad Hatter's Hat and got to work (evil undead cackle) !!!  After playing with Sally Hansen Overcoat Crackles I was so done with them. The only one I kept was Fractured Foil, the other ones I did not like at all (Antiqued Gold, Distressed Denim, Vintage Violet). I tested and tested and retested and thought they were crappy. Fractured Foil was the only one that either did not get clumpy or lumpy, or didn't look like crap or crackled consistently. Enough about those back to Amber's Foil crackle!! Though it did take time to get it right, I was persistent. My left hand looked great before the clear hit it.... and I should have keep reading down the page about fast dry top coats. NO Fast Dry Top Coats with Holographic Foils it will burn the finish off!!! What I did find out that UV gel Top Coat will not burn the foil yay~!!!! Also Amber mentions some regular top coats might work that are not quick dry, you can check out her blog here.
So now my right hand gets the spot light hehehe :D

To get this look I used Sinful - Hotspot
Silver Dots Foil

On my left hand I put on some China Glaze Techno to give it some sparkle but the pictures are meh. So I will keep trying for better pictures. :)

4 Thanks for all your comments - you make my day! :):

Ari said...

I have never tried foil before but that looks awesome!

Chrissy *NailUtopia* said...

Thanks so much, I don't have a lot of experience with foil so this was challenging!!

Amanda said...

Very interesting mani! Looks kind of spacey :) I have a couple of the Sally Hansen crackles but haven't tried them yet. Are you really from Indy as well? Promise I'm not a stalker, just saw when I viewed your profile :) Small world!

Chrissy *NailUtopia* said...

Thanks :D I only found the Sally Hansen Fractured Foil Crackle worth keeping. Maybe you will have better luck with them then I did. I took back the blue, purple, and the gold. And yep I live in Indy, hello fellow hoosier *waves* hehe

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