Off Topic for a minute.

I am sure many of you have read what has happened and is still happening in Japan right now. First a major earthquake then the tsunami like if those 2 weren't bad enough but now to have to worry about a nuclear reactor completely exploding. There have been explosions to certain areas, but it seems they are still trying to contain the radiation. I have a fellow blogger that is posting what is happening over there, which is really appreciated considering our media outlets. She says "The Japanese news and the foreign news must be reporting on two different events, because no two stories are the same. The Japanese media keep insisting nothing really significant is going on, and the foreign media is making it sound like we’re about to get nuclear death rained down on us at any moment." The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. My thoughts and condolences to those that have lost or is missing loved ones and to everyone in Japan, and will be hoping that they can get the reactor cooled down and under control so Japan can start rebuilding. For those who would like to read her blog here is the link  so that you can take a look. NeverTooMuchGlitter