So many Polishes!!!

OK so here I was reading my fellow nail bloggy pages and saw so many beautiful nail polishes and designs and realized I needed more polishes~!!! Like the OMG collection was a must have to me to try and get, but little did I realize it had been discontinued!! And hard to find only place I found was ebay, and some were so expensive =( So I only got 1 so far. I also read that China Glaze is coming out with the Tronica Collection and thought well maybe I will get some of those but  FashionPolish has some pictures that showed a comparison with the new china glaze Tronica vs OMG Collection and I have to say the new ones didn't impress me at all. So I went polish shopping except I ended up getting colors I wasn't even looking for LOL also purchased the Bundle Monster set of faux Konad plates. Pictures are on the way also working on a St. Patrick nail design. =)

 From left to right top to bottom

Nina Ultra Pro - Lime Light,  CG Millennium, CG - GR8, CG Techno, OPI DS Sapphire , CG In The Lime Light, Sally Hansen - Blew me away, Sally Hansen - Going green, Sinful - Social Ladder, Sinful - Gorgeous, Sinful - Happy Ending, Sinful - Love Nails, Sinful - Nail Junkie, Sinful - Innocent, Sinful - Hottie, Sinful - Call You Later, Sinful - Glass Pink, Wet n Wild - Blue Wants to be a Millionaire, Revlon - Minted

I had ides for some of these colors and a few were to see if I could use in place of others I could not find like Love Letters by NYC I could not find so I purchased Social Latter and Glass Pink as a replacement. I purchased OPI DS Sapphire to replace China Glaze OMG. Though I will probably still try to find China Glaze OMG polishes when I can to compare.
I have to say I was really surprised the lack of green polishes I could find. The ones here are the only ones I found in my hunt locally. Wet n Wilds - Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire looks exactly like Milani 3D Holo Cyberspace. That is all for now till I get more OMG polishes!!! hehe And finish my St. Patrick nail design.
Happy Polishing. =)

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Anonymous said...

Jealous of your OPI DS polish!

Chrissy *NailUtopia* said...

Hehehe Thanks! I purchased it on :D

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