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Warning pic heavy!!! =x

After I finished my foil nails I decided to work on a couple of projects. Storage for my fast growing nail polish collection and a light box for pictures. First up nail polish storage now I know I don't have as many polishes as some of the nail polish collectors do, but my addiction started around christmas. And I am now the owner of 153 polishes give or take some floating around on my desk hehe. So I looked at IKEA's Helmer and the 3 drawer storage (melmer) at Micheal's and decided on the one at Micheal's because of the additions that I can add around it for other crafty items. :D
And my little diva decorated it for me.

And now for the light box fun!

The tutorial I used to make the light box I will post at the end of this.

 Here's how to make it.

First up a cardboard box I used a 12" x12" x12" box, but you can use a bigger box. I would not go smaller than 12x12x12, tho.

Basically we are gonna cut windows in three sides of the box. 

I used a knife to slice the boxes, but if you have a box cutter that would work to. Try not to cut yourself okay? Don't need any blood in our pretty nail pictures do we? ;)

  For the next step you will need tracing paper, vellum paper or  tissue paper and tape the paper to the sides of the box. This is the paper I bought at Micheal's.

And my light box with the paper taped on! :D
I also cut the top and bottom flap off and left the sides on to help control the lighting.


Also for the inside you will want to buy some construction paper to fill up the space (which I forgot to buy).  >_<  and you'll need at least one light source for the outside a bright lamp or work light will work. Also it might help to put the camera on a tripod to keep it still during the exposure.

You could even use the sun, making it come from whatever direction you need by rotating the box.

If you use only one light, the tissue paper acts as a fill reflector all around your subject. If you want to kill the reflection on the darker side, stick a square of black poster board on that side on the inside and also on the top.

When using two light sources, you can change the light intensity by moving one of your lamps further away or closer.

The tutorial I used can be found here :)

My little diva wanted to take pictures first hehe

Shes a natural!!!

Now on to mine~!!

(polishes in picture from left to right Gabrielle, Dovima, Crystal, Edyta, Midori, and Ibiza)

I still have to buy larger size construction paper but for these I borrowed some of her construction paper. After all it was a test to see how my light box worked, so I used my Zoya polishes.  They  finally came in from the recycle event, there was some error or some thingamajig that prevented me getting it sooner *shrugs*. I will make a post about them as soon as I swatch and take more pictures. :D
Well my quest for my light box solved and I have storage for my polishes for now. 
So what do you think?