X&D Lizard Shatter Crackle .... Yummy crackle shatter goodness~!!

 A little different post today about this Shatter/Crackle polish I purchased on ebay. The seller is everbella and they have 30 different color shatter/crackle polishes. Now before I show my swatches I made I will tell you a little about the polish. 
Its not clumpy at all, in fact it has a thin consistency, which makes it easier to work with. You can make little tiny cracks or huge shatter type effects, also you can go over the areas that already have the polish on it. You don't have to worry about it not cracking if you get polish on it, you can add to it to make bigger cracks. I personally think its great, after trying the Sally Hansen overcoat crackles I hesitated trying any other crackles. But I decided to give this one a try since I couldn't find any swatches online. The color I picked is BH-14 its a dark green and it has shimmer!!! I made three samples showing different color combinations and strokes. I did not put it on my nails because I have China Glaze Awaken which is a dark silvery color, and knew it would not show up well. :(  

The polish came with a base color which is picked randomly I think, the color  is a light shimmery green very pretty has no name but a number 05 on it and a top coat with a bunny on it!

 This sample I painted at an angle and does not have a top coat.

I painted across on Wet n Wild - Fuchsia Rama polish that had a fade effect on it. Can you see the glitter in the crackle? Love it!

Base is the color that came with it 05 and topcoat.

Base is an orange with only numbers 56 and  Zoya - Gabrielle. This one at the top I used very little polish to create the tiny cracks, then filled up brush to make the bigger cracks down.

So here are the samples I think you can click on them to see it larger. I also recorded some video of painting the orange nail working on editing it now since I recorded in parts since I had to wait for the polish to dry hehe

So what do you think? :)

*Hugs* to everyone that follows my blog or just visits. I appreciate it!  :D

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Sandra said...

It looks nice, I like the color.

Silence is Loud said...

wow, the crack on Wet n Wild Fuchsia Rama looks very dreamy!! Love that design!

Chrissy *NailUtopia* said...

Hi Sandra, Yes I like it to but now I want more colors LOL

Silence is Loud I couldn't agree with you more!! :D

-Diana- said...

Looks great love the fading effect <3

Minnie said...

Hi Chrissy!! Beautiful nails as usual;D I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you on my post! Please do it if you're interested;p

Chrissy *NailUtopia* said...

Diana I was amazed how well it came out to!!! Thanks Minni I will check it out! :D My nails are horrible right now three breaks two repaired so far and one more to go hehe ARG! hehe

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