Pretty & Polished Black Swan & Bundle Monster Entry

I purchased lots of Indie polishes last month and really haven't even shown half of them yet! But I don't want to lose my focus on my nail art, so I will be showing them slowly and some like today with nail art! =) So today I am showing off Pretty & Polished Black Swan its a beautiful black holo! That's right I said BLACK! :D The first picture is blurry but it shows the holo really nice :D

Inside under full spectrum lamp and possible flash >_<

Up close and outside to show the beautiful holo (shutting up Vader he talks to much!)

Inside no flash

Now some stamping!
I did this for the Bundle Monster contest and submitted it today!!
If you like my design I hope you can take a moment and vote for me here ~!! If you submitted your own design feel free to let me know so I can vote for you to!!!! :D

Inside with flash under full spectrum light

I decided to do something a little different, I did a butterfly stamp nail art last spring. This year I went cosmic!

I love how the holo shows behind the stamping, wish I submitted this picture instead. There are so many beautiful submissions, I am loving all the talent that has been submitted as well.
Lets see if I can be one of the 25 winners :D

Items used:
Zoya Dovima
Pretty & Polished Black Swan
BM plates: BM20,BM21, BM220, BM02, BM14, BM20.
Stamping polishes China Glaze Metallic Muse, China Glaze Millennium & Konad White Pearl.

What do you think?

7 Thanks for all your comments - you make my day! :):

Sara Baker said...

So happy I found your blog. Your nail art is awesome doll xx

Jin said...

Woah, thr Black Holo is AMAZING!! It went straight into my "gotta get" list!!!
I love your color combo for the stamping! They are fun!!

Also - I gave you a couple of blog awards. You can check it  in my recent post if you want to :)

Bethany Taylor said...

Awesome black holo! 

Chrissy NailUtopia said...

 It is I love it! :D

Chrissy NailUtopia said...

 Thank you Jin :D Thank you for the awards, I will go check them out :D

-Diana- said...

Pretty I voted will you vote for me too? Check my current blog post ;)

Lou xx said...

Gorgeous!!! xx

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