I Won A LadyBug Nail Polish Holder!

I entered Beauty By Krystal's contest and won a LadyBug holder! What is it you ask? It's a polish holder than can lay on it's side, great for those half bottles of polish that makes it easier to get the polish out. :D

Now for some pictures, I am still getting use to my new camera so please forgive any bad pictures.

Bottom of the LadyBug

LadyBug in action

Profile of LadyBug :)

Its a cute design and it hugs regular size bottles nice and snug, all except for my mini bottles. The round circles on the bottom are rubber to help it from sliding, I'm guessing. I recommend using on a flat surface, without anything underneath it. I used it on a towel it swayed back n forth very easily. If I were using a full bottle of polish that wouldn't have bothered me, but I was using a half full bottle so yea I got peeved a little. Wish it had more weight on the bottom sides, I accidentally kept knocking it to the center when I was using it. =/
Otherwise I would say a perfect nail polish accessory! :)

What do you think? Do you have one, or could you see yourself using one?

Don't forget to check out Beauty By Krystal's blog, she has lots of interesting reviews and
beauty information!! :D

3 Thanks for all your comments - you make my day! :):

Cee said...

yay on your prize! It looks cute but not so functional really with its shape and weight. :( Knowing my shaky hands and clumsiness, it'll probably spin like a dreidle lol

Naktsmeita Lii said...

i though of pokemons at first :p

Krystal Caracol said...

YAY! You got it! I freaking love mine, lol, but ya, they don't work their magic on plush surfaces. It works great on my Ikea table ;)

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