Malani Hi Rez o so sparkly!!!

I decided to go nail polish hunting for Milani Blue flash that I saw on My Simple Little Pleasures blog. The blue as so pretty i had to have it! And thanks to Kimaloo I found it at CVS!!! :D But I also found a 3D Holographic purple Milani Hi-Res and I had to add it to my ever growing collection. And it was so pretty I couldn't add any nail art to it. Here are some pictures of it hope you like. :D

I tried to capture the amazing color in different lighting.

Its so sparkly in the sun!!

Today its been partly cloudy so trying to get a good picture was not easy.

I also added a wish list of polish and items that are my "need to get" ok well maybe not NEED but "really really want!" to help me remember, I see so many and then forget =/ So if you can think of any for me to add feel free to comment or send me a mail. :D