Easter Nail Art!!!

Happy Easter Everyone!!!
I''m finally done!! LOL I decided to do fancy eggs and just not any fancy eggs Faberge Eggs!!!!
More pictures on the way.

 with camera flash

Taken outside on a gloomy and rainy day.

I re-did the rose it was bugging me hope you like this one better. :D

The Faberge eggs I used to make my designs are Memories of Azov, Lilly of the Valley, Rose Trellis, Coronation. Think I got a little carried away on gems hehe. So what  do you think? Love, like or hate.....

Polishes used: China Glaze - TTL, GR8, L8R G8R
OPI DS - Original, OPI Jade is the new black
Revlon - Blue Lagoon

I took pictures of the paints that I used and some video when I made Hello Kitty Bunny. The eggs I took some video but haven't check it yet to see if any makes sense hehe, since I screwed up many times and started over many times!!!

6 Thanks for all your comments - you make my day! :):

Jessy said...

This is so creative love the hello kitty did you do it on ur ownn..it came out so clear...=) love how each nail is so different..
Try checkin out my blog will love is you follwed =)

Chrissy *NailUtopia* said...

Hello!! Yes I did the hello kitty the first time I made her I used Robin Moses tutorial for the head, and worked outward from there. She is on my blog roll and tutorials on the right,on you-tube she has fabulous tutorials!! I will be posting some pictures soon of the steps making her! Cute Easter nails btw :D

Silence is Loud said...

that hello kitty is so cute!!! <3

Saori said...

Hey you, I am happy to discover you too :) nice blog & very cute mani !!! Thanks to enter my GA XD

Unknown said...

I’ve featured your beautiful nail art design on my recent post “50+ Spring & Easter Nail Art Ideas & Inspiration” here:

I can’t wait to see what you make next! If you create any more looks like this that you think fall into the Spring and or Easter category, post links on my Facebook wall or comment on the post and I’ll add them and the links in the post! Keep up the great work!

<3 The Sparkle Queen

Chrissy *NailUtopia* said...

Thank you very much! *hugs* I have started thinkin about easter/spring nail art but nothing final yet :)

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