Water Marble Nail Art Fun!!!!!

I was on Colette's Blog  My Simple Little Pleasures  and she had pictures of her Easter water marble nail art. They are amazing she is the master of water marbling!!! So I decided to finally give it a shot ... and here is what I came up with.  Thinking of doing the blue and green after my Easter design I like the combination of the colors. Would love to see your thoughts on this. :D

 My first attempts trying out which nail polishes worked together and could be used.

 This is my attempt on my nails.

 Cloudy day so pictures are a little dark.

I had Essie - Turquoise & Caicos painted already on my nails with some lighter mint green sponged and did the marble over it, but I think if I had white base it would have come out much brighter. But not bad for a first try I think. :) I am going to try and redo with white base and see how it comes out since I have a cracked nail I need to repair. :(

Colors used for the marble were
Sally Hansen - Bubblegum Pink
Sally Hansen - Mellow Yellow
Sally Hansen - Blizzard Blue
Sally Hansen - Blue Me  Away