Nothing going right ....

Rant post.......... Ever have one of those days or few days where nothing is working right LOL. Or so undecided cant make up my mind. I was debating another water marble or to do some konad stamping, since I haven't done much since Valentines mani  and I got the mash set I finally decided to do konad stamping.  So then I started out with Wet n Wild -Gray's Anatomy and found out it didn't work well for what I wanted to do, polish change time. So then I decide well lets do a spring color and thought well already did baby blue so thats out. 

So then I begin swatching pinks and oranges and I only have 2 oranges  right now I did take advantage of the Zoya earth day promotion since I figured that would be a good time to add Zoya to my nail polish collection since I don't own any and did pick out an orange but they haven't arrived yet. :( 

Then I swatch the 2 oranges I have and decide on Sally Hansen - Sun Kissed its a bright orange and didn't like the application but used it. So I begin picking images and colors and I was going ok until I realized the ones I finished were upside down and that would be a pain to photograph ugh, and the orange was looking to pumpkin'ish. Polish change again and more swatching..... :( And a rude awakening I really need more polishes hahahahahaha. Like a nice neutral color would be nice, but I don't have any. :( So its time to go shopping hehe and see what I can find. Wish me luck!!!! 

And also I would like to say Welcome, Hello and Thanks for becoming a follower!!!If you have anything you would like to see more of don't hesitate to speak up!!!
*Hugs to you all*

edited to make it easier on the eyes hehe

2 Thanks for all your comments - you make my day! :):

Kim said...

I love neutrals! My fave neutral of all time is Essie Jazz. I really, really love that one... I tend to buy a lot of "greige" polishes (gray+beige=greige).

Another good one is OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy... it's a pinkish-beige color, very feminine. <3

- Kim

Chrissy *NailUtopia* said...

Arg!! Wish you would have told me sooner!! I went out to find one to the first store near me which was Walgreens and ended up getting many nail polishes LOL! absolutely shore, sand tropez and topless and barefoot in the "neutral" category and picked up smooth sailing and braziliant so much go going out to pick up a neutral color real quick hehe! I'm still feeling guilty for that shopping spree =/

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