NOTD: Indie Polish Candeo Colors Sprouse

Hello all today I have for you another indie polish maker Candeo Colors. I purchased three mini bottles from their Etsy store a while back. Sour Grapes, Mallard and Sprouse. Today I have Sprouse on my nails to show off. This is a rare occasion that I actually have both hands look the same *shocked* and have pictures to prove it HAH! hehe

You may have noticed my nails are A LOT shorter, though I cant really call them nubs they feel like it to me. But I will call them shorties, two of my nails were growing funky so I cut them all down. Whats the point of having long nails if they look bad! >_<

Tada! My right hand! Yes my right hand nails are now longer than my left hand. :(

My first ever macro shot belongs to Sprouse!

This was layered over Milani Dress Maker, and let me say this I was not happy with Dress Maker's application. It was thin and it kept streaking, I was ready to give up on it but decided to give it one more shot. So I put first layer on let it dry completely, over night possibly because I was fed up.... Next day added the second coat and then Sprouse. For top coat I used SV (Seche Vite), I think I might have to get Gelous. One coat of SV and the bar or shred or flitter glitter so many names for one glitter ugh! Anyways I felt a few pop up here and there, and so I would pull them off LOL. So many two layers of topcoat or Gelous and topcoat would be enough.

Sprouse has black and white hex, bar (shred or flitter), and micro glitters, also a shimmery holo base. But there are also blue hex glitters yes thats right blue! Kinda like a holo blue it shifts colors, and this is what makes it stand out between other black and white glitter polishes. I plan to get a full bottle of this one as soon as its back in stock!

I also got my hands on Sticks n' Stones by Cover Band Lacquers but thats for another post to talk about. ;)

Will be doing some stamping for my next post so stay tuned!

So what do you think, did my pictures do Sprouse justice?

5 Thanks for all your comments - you make my day! :):

Bethany Taylor said...


Cee said...

That looks awesome. It sucks when first coat goes on all streaky, it's so frustrating. But in the end, it looks great!

I nominated you for the Appreciation Award! Love your blog!

James Ranatte said...

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NailUtopia said...

Thank you very much!! Sorry for my delayed reply :(

aarya said...

hi... its been a while.. but i m back now with a new laptop :D 

   totally love your nails! though you have started a new dictionary.. my nails are almost your length but only for my thumbs for some reason, my thumb and pinki grows alot longer than others *sigh* but at least they r growing now lol 

  i am in love with the glitters.. havent had a chance to buy them yet since i m very hesistant regarding web shops...i have been upset way too many times with some lol
 one day i will have these too lol 

 but ... it sucks that you had to struggle with the polish i would hate it as well as patience didnt come in my package lol 
  hope everything is good with us :D 

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